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Sometimes you just have to do it your own way
When your Superpower Becomes your Kryptonite

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When Your Superpower Becomes Your Kryptonite

A map to help us find the treasure in ourselves.

For many years, I’ve enjoyed writing my art blog, and people have suggested I should write a book. So I did! It’s all about listening to our hearts and taking gentle care of ourselves. In it, I write about taking responsibility for our own lives and happiness, and the ways in which we might care for ourselves as kindly as we care for others.

I compare our journey through life to a sea voyage, likening our unhelpful habits to hurricanes and pirates that can blow us off course and sink us; and identify the positive habits we can cultivate to keep us on course, and our treasure safe.

My own experiences serve as the lessons and cautionary tales as I remind us that we are indeed our own greatest treasure.

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What people are saying about
“When Your Superpower Becomes Your Kryptonite”

  • Tracey has bought together a book that puts into words probably a lot we already know but are either too scared or too lazy to admit. It’s a great book to read and put your life back into focus and on the right path as many of us so clearly need help and direction but are too stubborn to admit it. Or it’s just a wonderful book to read to see how Tracey has used her tools she describes in her book to better herself.

  • I would recommend this book to everyone, there’s not one person who wouldn’t be able to relate to something in it. It’s fantastic!!

  • Thanks Tracey, for putting it in ink, validating what we mostly know but don’t admit. Giving us your authentic self, was relatable and struck a chord with everyone i know who has read this. I am ready to look after myself and make time for me.
    I so enjoyed the practical advice and of course your wonderful sprinkles of humour.

  • Tracey, you should be extremely proud of such a great achievement, I have read numerous books on similar things, however none of those were the slightest bit close to yours. The way in which you explained things through your own life experiences is something I’m sure most people could relate to. How often do we as women go without to please everyone else. We really do need to take stock of our own life/happiness first. After reading your book I felt refreshed with much clearer views on life. Thanks so much Tracey, can’t wait for your next book

    Lorraine Shaw
  • What a totally wonderful, easy to read book. I have tried to read other similar books and don’t get very far, too unrealistic and not interesting. I’m not a huge reader and a book has to get me in during the first chapter, this one did and I found it hard to put down. Would recommend it to everyone. Thanks Tracey for such a wonderful book full of wise, truthful words.

    Vanessa Van Bael
  • Amazing, it’s as if you were in my head! I also say ‘yes’ to most people, and after your book I’m going to concisely think first before I say yes. That will be my main goal for this year, as it’s my year off from everyone except for my family and our business!

    It was a wonderful book that was very hard to put down, and I’m so glad that you shared it with everyone!

    Kristy Owen