Welcome to the ‘About Tracey’ page. When I click on an ‘about’ tab, I want to know about the real human behind the story of their web page. I am indeed a real human – flawed, imperfect and doing my best to be authentic in this crazy world.

Just like you, my life is the sum of whole bunch of parts. Artist, writer, wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, yogi, primary producer, business partner, community member…. Lover of chocolate, wine, travel, music, scented candles and fairy lights… Seeker of beauty, awe and delight. And a grandma, which might just be the sweetest, most wonderful joy a human can ever experience!

My ‘studio’ is set up in what was my gorgeous middle son’s bedroom. When he moved out of home, I waited for what I believed was a respectful length of time before claiming it as a space of my own. (Sorry Fin, I know you weren’t so sure about that!) The majority of my days are spent between my office, managing the administration and accounting for our family farming┬ábusiness, and my studio, painting and writing and creating. Oh, and the kitchen…. not because I want to, not because I love to cook; but because when you have a bunch of hungry men around working hard, they need feeding. A lot.

In my book, When Your Superpower Becomes Your Kryptonite, I share lots of stories of my journey through life so far, as well as my reflections on the importance of taking care of ourselves (including a bunch of ways we can effectively do that), facing down our fears, and making choices for our own happiness.

As much as I love art journaling (and I really love it!), I love teaching others to explore it even more.