Once upon a time there was a policeman….

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Policeman Russ Sheehan

Once upon a time, there was a brave, kind and handsome policeman named Russ. His job with the force brought him and his family of princesses to a small country town, where they met other little families and before very long, the loyalest and most wonderful of friendships were forged. Grown ups, kids, (so many little princes and princesses) – even family animals – all became cherished, each by the others. One day, the time came for the policeman and his now bigger family of little princesses to move to another town. The friends by now had become friends for life, so even though they moved far away, there were still many celebrations and holidays and special times when all the princes, princesses and grown ups spent happy hours in one another’s company.

In time, the princesses and princes became grown ups as well, as is the way of princes and princesses. They found new princes and princesses to draw into the circle, and of course, began to bring new tiny princes and princesses into the world, who all became cherished – each by the others.

The job of a policeman can be a hard one, and while the brave and handsome policeman was keeping us safe, he was seeing things that troubled his kind heart. Maybe he thought he always had to be brave and strong. Maybe he was afraid what the grown ups and princes and princesses would think about him if he told them how he was really feeling. What he was really thinking.

Then one day, the brave, kind and handsome policeman named Russ left the gown ups and the princesses and the princes forever, and all of them who had become cherished, each by the other, had broken hearts and lots of questions that had no answer.

Then, Blue HOPE appeared on the horizon, and the grown ups and the princesses and the princes wished so hard that they had known about Blue HOPE before the brave, kind and handsome policeman named Russ had taken his own life, because maybe, the brave and kind policemen at Blue HOPE may have been able to help Russ to stay.

You see, Blue HOPE need some money to spread the word about the help they have available to brave, kind policemen. So, the grown ups and the princes and the princesses and all of them who became cherished, each by the other, decided to have a special day, in honour of their brave, kind and handsome policeman named Russ, and to raise money to give Blue HOPE so that other grown ups and princesses and princes who cherish kind, brave policeman may never have to know the sorrow of saying goodbye far too soon. 



As fairy tales go – this one is crap. Sadly, there is no happy ending ending to Russ’s story, but as the grown ups and the princesses and the princes who cherished him, we are choosing to honour his memory with a family fun day  – A Fuss About Russ – to raise money for Blue HOPE, as they aim to raise awareness & share information about Police Suicide globally, introduce an anonymous, external referral system and 24hr helpline.


artist Tracey Hewitt with her work "Turquoise Tranquility", which is being auctioned for the charity Blue HOPE

I’ve donated this piece “Turquoise Tranquility” as an item for the charity auction. It will go under the auctioneers hammer along with an astonishing assortment of goodies: from pearl jewelry to a tonne of mung bean seed! I’ll also be packing up my artwork and books to set up a market stall alongside my clever Mum and her handmade glass beads and jewelry. There’ll be plenty of market stalls, live music, games, helicopter joy rides, BBQ, yabbie races, clowns, and of course the auction action, plus lots more besides.


Family Fun Day flier for Fuss About Russ

Here are the details if you live close enough to come join us:

When: 17th September 10am to 4pm

Where: “Harcourt”, Baralaba – Moura Road, Baralaba, Qld. (We’d love you to you pre-purchase your tickets!)

For more information on the family fun day have a look at the Fuss About Russ facebook page, or contact me.  Further information about Blue HOPE can be found on their facebook page.




But, a policemans job is Save





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  1. Chris Mundt

    I might have some artwork and photos I could donate for sale if you want them. I am also an ex copper and am getting involved in Blue Hope.

    • Hi Chris! Thanks for that offer – we’d love to add something from you to our auction. Where are you located? We’ll just need to figure out how to collect it.
      Thanks for your service as an officer, and also for your work with Blue Hope. Take care of yourself!

  2. You always do the right thing. God Bless you.
    Thank you

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