Poured With Love

Ring with artwork under poured resin


One of the most rewarding things about this artist gig is that sometimes I get to create special pieces – tiny touchstones, with love poured into them for those situations in our lives when words are hard to find, and fail miserably to convey what we hold in our hearts.

A unique piece of art, or photo, is created for each piece, then jewellers grade resin is poured over, to seal and protect the piece forever.

In the past I’ve made pendants bearing special words for bridesmaids gifts, and a set of earrings for another group of bridesmaids. The ring above was commissioned as a gift for an adored young Mum who recently experienced the devastating sorrow of her baby, Aleisha, arriving in the world, already an angel.

Not long ago, our mate Russ’s daughter got married. With her Dad no longer here to walk her down the aisle, her Mum and I put our heads together and created a pair of pendants, to attach to her bouquet. One with a picture of the bride with her Dad, the other, a special message with Russ’s handwriting (thanks to Photoshop, and some old letters, the right words fit perfectly.)

To be asked to create such special pieces is a privilege that’s hard to explain, but it’s a source of tremendous joy and satisfaction to make something that expresses what our words often cannot.


Cunnamulla… I’ll See You Soon!

In a month, I’ll be off to Cunnamulla! A town in South West Queensland, which I have never visited, to hang an exhibition in the Cunnamulla Fella Centre Art Gallery. I’m a bit excited, a bit nervous and kind of busy.
Some of the pieces that will be getting loaded into the car:
Keeper of the Mystery 101cm x 76cm
Acrylic, tissue, oil stick, lace and pencil on canvas
© 2013 Tracey Hewitt
If you’ve been visiting here for a while, you’ll know that the human face is not something I generally look to for subject matter. Keeper of the Mystery certainly didn’t start out with any intention of a person appearing, yet, as it evolved, she insisted on making an appearance! (My family of practical males are bewildered when I suggest that an ‘inanimate’ object like a painting  might be telling me secrets, or what is to happen next…but, that’s how it works sometimes). And, I have to tell you – she knows the answer to all those questions that we mere mortals struggle with. But, no matter how hard I look into her eyes and plead with her to share them with me – she doesn’t. You see, she’s not called the Keeper of the Mystery for nothing!
I’ve been having a great time with resin, as well. This lovely ring (I keep wondering if I can, in fact, bring myself to part with it? I LOVE this) has a bunch of tiny millefiori glass pieces set in it. How cool would this look with your jeans and favourite white shirt?

My awesome framer, Les Rigby, is currently weaving his magic with this piece, as well as a number of others. This is a concoction of woven felt strips that had all sorts of goodies applied which was then dry felted with a machine felting technique. Have to give a shout out to my sister here – that triangular piece in the top centre was in fact one of her earrings in 1986. ( If you hang onto something long enough….)
This one is in need of a name – any suggestions? Coming up with suitably engaging names for a number of works is just one of the things that will be keeping me busy over the next month. (Containing my excitement about the wedding of our middle son is another – but that’s a story for another day!)
Do you know anyone in Cunnamulla? I’d love you to share with them that the exhibition “Feeling My Way” will open there at the Cunnamulla Fella Centre Art Gallery on Friday 5th April from 6pm; and I’d love to meet them!